Curtains vs Blinds: Make Your Choice

When decorating your new home or refurbishing your old one, there are myriad choices to make regarding colour schemes, furniture and of course soft furnishings. One of tasks will be to choose to put curtains, blinds or even both up over windows. Curtains have been around for centuries and now take on a thousand and one materials, designs and styles:- full draped velvets with luxurious swags and tails or minimalistic sheers fluttering in the breeze. Blinds, although much newer in terms of history than curtains have taken the world by storm – they are functional and often more economical than curtains. They can also be more professional looking so suit workspaces better than curtains. Blinds can be softened by the use of pelmets and also twinned with curtains to create a more layered look.

Controlling light and privacy

Both curtains and blinds perform two main functions – controlling light and providing privacy. What you choose can make a considerable difference – voiles, for example, are purely decorative when it comes to blocking light but can provide a modicum of privacy. Heavy curtains or blackout lined curtains will block nearly all or all the light when completely closed or can be opened to allow the amount of light into the room that you want. When closed, complete privacy is obtained but when open, however, thick curtains will not provide privacy – using a lightweight voile layered with heavy curtains provides you with the maximum light protection and privacy.

Fabric Blinds

Blinds, compared to curtains are extremely functional – especially if you go for Venetian blinds. A simple pull or twist of the cord will allow exactly the light you require into the room and curvature of slats also provides adequate privacy. With fabric blinds such as Roman or Austrian, you have the option of pulling the part of the way up the window to allow light or using a thinner fabric to provide privacy and twinning with curtains for light protection. This option is becoming increasingly popular and mixes both convenience and attraction.

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