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Office space needs to be filled with light and energy all the time. Hence, Office should have a energetic and pleasant atmosphere. Office blinds keep the atmosphere cool and comfortable all day. Office blinds were a higher than standard and costly ones in the past. Now every office space is getting office blinds as it defines the style score of the total office interior. Curtains were the earlier version of blinds. The experts have designed binds keeping in mind the style statement and other factors such as sunlight exposure. These office blinds protect us from heat and harmful rays from getting into the office. Office blinds are mostly useful while giving any presentation so that it lets the meeting room dark helpful with projector presentations. An home decor can actually let his expertise so that it matches your office interior. Curtains N More has a wide range of office blinds collection you can choose from. These blinds will not only let your office get a good ventilation but also add a styling and classic touch to your office interior. When you come to curtains n more with a requirement, we will make sure you get the best of home decor services in Bangalore.

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Blinds Designs

There are many types of window blind in the market today, so with so many options it is easy to get confused. So if you know the most famous ones, it will be easier to make a final decision.


Wood and Faux Blinds

There are many types of wooden blinds in the market today, and they are made from various materials from brich to bamboo, to maple. These window blinds look great in dens, kitchens, or four season porches; as these areas have a natural wood setting.


Sheer Shades

These are horizontal blinds, with sheer cloth; that connects the blinds together. This style is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and porches.


Roller Shades

Also known as solar shaders offer a light dimming effect, and can help protect your home from dangerous UV rays. These roller shades come in two designs, one can move upwards and downwards; and the other move sideways.


Honeycomb Shades

Are made from a solid yet lightweight cloth like material, and when you look at them from a side they look reflect the shape of a diamond. These window blinds are available in various colours, to match the decor of your home. These shades are ideal for any bedroom, as they also act as room darkeners.


Aluminum Blinds

These blind offers a modern look, and come with a number of features; for instance, you can add head rails to make sure they are more seamless.

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