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Carpets are not the modern trend but it has been in fashion since past few centuries creating the art in historical legacy. In this generation this carpets are being used in our interiors to add the ambience of modern and and historical art to the floorings. We can offer you a wide and exclusive range of carpets to compliment your home decor. Our carpet range comprises of traditional, contemporary and modern. We can provide you with the accurate size as per your requirement. We are one of the leading dealers in carpets in Bangalore. Our eye catching and soothing prints on the carpets enriched with soft material will add colour and trendiness to your place. We have stocked our carpets shop with a wide range of carpets, which you can use to choose a carpet for your home. The best thing about a carpet is that it offers a great level of comfort, and can add a great sense of style to your home. You can limit the carpet area, or run carpet throughout your house. We are carpets suppliers, and here to offer you the best carpet according to your needs.

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Types Of Carpets

Carpets are made from a number of natural and synthetic fibers. And each of them has a different characteristics. The main types of carpet fibers are:

Carpet Type


Shows great resistance towards mold, mildew, and moisture; this is the reason they make great carpet for the basement area and outdoors. Olefin is more tough than nylon in quality, on the other hand, it is not comfortable to walk on bare feet.

Carpet Type


Acrylic is known to be an inexpensive alternative to wool, but it is not easily available.

Carpet Type


Wool is a premier carpet, and is only made using natural fibers. It is stain resistant, durable, and it known to be eco-friendly.

Carpet Type


Nylon is without a doubt the most popular carpet in the market. It is well known for its durability and water resistance.

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