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We understand that the fabric of upholstered piece of your place is the most visible sign of quality and style. Keeping this in mind we have gathered a wide and attractive range of upholstery/ sofa fabric. The fabric we have are durable and dirt-resistant. It comes with the benefit of easy- maintenance. We have given importance in procuring non-fading material with higher thread counts.Our upholstery material comprises of a number of fabrics. We have wide range of linen, cotton, silk, etc. Upholstery is a fabric material stuffed over a couch, seat, chair or any piece of furniture that might require it; except for bed mattresses. The fabric used on these furniture's is a visible sign of your taste. As the fabric used on can make or break the entire decor of your home. Curtains n more is a home decor outlet and we are upholstery suppliers offering you with the best crafted designs of fabric. These fabric materials are made with a precise attention to bring out the best crafted design when it comes to upholstery fabrics. The expertise we gained through all this years of making this fine art is an advantage that we are being able to deliver the best quality in market.

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Upholstery Fabrics

There are many types of upholstery fabric that are offered by our upholstery suppliers, the fabric you choose will depend on your choice, and your condition. Here are the most commonly used upholstery fabrics.


Faux Leather

Is the kind of upholstery fabric that easily stands out. This is the kind of fabric that can easily fit into various types of decor. The leather material is spill and stain resistant, and is ideal for families with kids, and pets.



Wool blends and wool are a common choice, that is because of their resistance to wrinkling, fading, and soil. Even though it is a natural fabric, wool is quiet sturdy and durable.



Feels similar to wool, and is another common choice in upholstery fabric. This fabric is ideal for spaces that needs a touch of colour.



Is a great fabric, and shows good resistance against wear and fading. This is an ideal upholstery fabric, and offers a breathable factor. This will not only enhance the comfort of the furniture, it will add a great touch to the space. This material is ideal for the living room space.



Is a popular fibre for upholstery, but is rarely used with the addition of another fabric. It blends excellently with other synthetic and natural fibres, and can help reduce wrinkle and fading.



Is another natural fabric, and goes perfectly in formal living spaces, and adult areas. A great advantage of silk upholstery is that it is available in many colours and patterns.



Is made using wood chip fibres, and that is why it is an inexpensive fibre. It is a great upholstery fabric, and is mostly blended with other fabrics.



This upholstery fabric is quite common, and is only recommended for adult areas. This fabric can last long, if taken care of.


Leatherite Fabric

We have an enormous collection of Leatherite fabrics that are basically used to make sofa, chairs, seat covers. The offered fabrics are precisely manufactured by utilizing high grade basic materials under the guidance of our highly skilled team of professionals.


Chenille Fabric

Chenille texture is ideal for making comfortable sofa-beds, popular cushions, and upholstering stools and headboards. Our selection includes solid, textured, and printed home decor chenille fabric for all your undertaking needs.

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