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Curtains N More supplies a variety of mattress types to perfectly suit any preference. Traditional innerspring offers the sleeping experience most people are used to Curtains N More’s mattresses dealers in Bangalore, creating the sense that you're sleeping “in” your mattress. Mattresses combine the comfort of gel memory foam with the deep support of springs. Traditional innerspring mattresses manufacturer in Bangalore provide uncompromising support. All of our innerspring mattresses feature innovative steel alloy coils delivering superior comfort and durability for years to come. Curtain's furnishing distributes comfort and cozy finished mattresses in Bangalore. So look forward to a good night sleep and treat your bedroom to one of our solidly constructed and affordable beds. Curtains furnishing helps in decorative and drapery manufacturer of variety of curtains in Bangalore for living room as well as bed room.

Everyone spends more time on their mattress, than they do on any other things in their house. It is not a surprise, as a mattress is a source of comfort and relief. You can easily refresh and re-energize yourself with a good night's sleep. This is why there are many things that you need to consider before buying a mattress.

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Types of Mattresses

Everyone has a different preference, which is why you need to choose the type of mattress you feel is best for you. This is not an easy decision, which is why you should know about the different types of mattresses, so it can help pick you the right one. The most popular types of mattresses are:

Types of Mattress

Coir Mattress

Coir is the answer if you are looking for a firm mattress made of natural fibre. These mattresses provide adequate ventilation and have cooling properties.

Types of Mattress

Innerspring Mattress

Spring mattresses have the ability to support you with the help of their coil springs. Many top of the line mattresses has individually enclosed coils, which makes these mattresses more durable. These mattresses provide you with firm support, and are easy to get up from.

Types of Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Are becoming popular more rapidly than ever, as they are built with a few layers of foam that contain various densities. These densities respond to your weight and temperature. With time they will contour your body's shape, which is why they are more comfortable.

Types of Mattress

Hybrid Mattress

A combination of coil support and memory foam, or latex foam, etc. these mattresses are a mixture of two types of materials, and are ideal for users who have divided priorities.

Types of Mattress

Foam Mattress

This mattress contains one or more types of foam, and the foam used in them can be visco elastic foam, latex foam, polyurethane foam, etc. can even contain gel.

Types of Mattress

Gel Mattress

This is a gel based foam mattress, the gel is added into the foam; which offers a different type of feel and comfort.

Types of Mattress

Latex Mattress

Contains latex foam, this can be made from petroleum or plant based materials.

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