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Curtains N More provides you with the best Hypnos mattress. Hypnos is a mattress firm based in the United Kingdom that also offers beds. Since 1904, the firm has claimed to have "the most comfortable beds in the world," making them extremely soft. You can design unique, made-to-measure beds in addition to choosing from a variety of wonderful mattresses. Additionally, you can get beds in unusual shapes such as curved and V-shaped.

Every Hypnos mattress is made with a substantial blend of natural and sustainable fillings, as well as our patented clever pocket spring system. Each Hypnos mattress is built in a slightly distinct configuration to provide a varying amount of comfort and support. We have it all, from luxuriously delectable mattresses to firmer mattresses that are better for your back, to fully customised mattresses. You can rest assured that we're a multi-award-winning, carbon-neutral company dedicated to ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

Hypnos handcrafts environmentally friendly beds and mattresses from natural, recyclable, and traceable materials. These luxurious beds may be found in the world's most opulent mansions, palaces, yachts, and hotels.It's a handcrafted solid-top deep divan with a super-comfy mattress from award-winning bedmakers Hypnos. Over 1000 pocket springs are used in each mattress, which is then covered in hypoallergenic fabric, tufted, and completed with a wool-filled soft topper. Choose from four different bed sizes: single, double, king, or super king. You can purchase the mattress alone or with one of two divan bases: one with no drawers and the other with two drawers on either side of the foot end.

Depending on your unique mattress requirements, finding a comfy mattress can be a difficult task. You aren't the only one who was turned off by the experience. If you're looking for a high-quality mattress, go no further than Hypnos Mattresses. Natural sheep and lamb wool fillings are used in each one, and they are all made in the United Kingdom. They also have pocket springs, which are great for body moulding and tempered for everlasting strength, according to the Hypnos official website. Hand tufts also keep the fillings enclosed. They also provide necessary tension to the pocket springs.

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Types of Hypnos mattress

Everyone has their own preferences, which is why you must select the mattress that you believe is best for you. This is a difficult decision, which is why you should be aware of the many types of Hypnos Mattresses so that you can make the best choice. The following are the most popular Hypnos mattress types:


Hypnos Orthos Collection

The Orthos Support Collection was created with people in mind who want or need firmer support from their bed without sacrificing comfort. The collection takes into account every part of the sleeping experience and incorporates the most up-to-date ReActive pocket spring technology to provide firmer support while maintaining maximum comfort. The Orthos Support Collection is available in four mattress types: latex, cashmere, silk, and wool, with each offering a unique level of comfort and support. Our most popular Hypnos Orthopaedic model is the Orthos Latex.


Hypnos Heritage Collection

The timeless beauty of the bamboo-rich Belgian Damask and flawless tailoring and finishing from the industry's finest master craftsmen add to the unsurpassed quality of these royally approved beds. Only environmentally friendly and entirely sustainable materials are used in the Heritage Collection. The new patented UltraSens pocket spring technology focuses on 'intuitive active twists' for rapid comfort and support as well as maximum pressure relief in these handcrafted mattresses.


Hypnos Pillow Top Collection

The inherent 'pillow top' sleeping surface on these lovely No Turn handcrafted mattresses gives a sumptuous soft and comfortable layer or 'cushion' above the supporting pocket spring mattress. The Pillow Top Sublime by Hypnos is the most luxurious in the Pillow Top Collection. On the surface of this model, there is a thick coating of Latex. The Pillow Top Sublime also has Hypnos' now-famous ReActive Spring unit, which is a Hypnos exclusive. The ReActive springs are actually two layers thick in the Sublime, providing amazing comfort and support. The Pillow Top Sublime, like all Hypnos brochure models, offers a 10-year guarantee.


Hypnos Bedstead Mattress Collection

A bedstead can be used with any Hypnos mattress from any of the mattress Collections. If you're going to utilise a slatted bedstead, make sure the slats aren't more than 3 inches (about 7.5cm) apart. If there is a larger gap between the slats, a 'Bedstead Mattress Base' should be placed between the bedstead and the mattress. The Bedstead Pocket Six is part of Hypnos' gorgeous new Bedstead Collection, and it showcases the company's most up-to-date details and specs. This Bedstead Pocket Six mattress is one of Hypnos' best, from the ingenious, responsive pocket spring technology to the temperature-management ability of the Cocona cover material.


Hypnos Hotel Rest Deluxe

Starting with the Hotel Rest Deluxe, this mattress is an excellent value for money. This mattress has a five-year guarantee, a mattress depth of 21 centimetres, a width of 135 centimetres, and a length of 190 centimetres. It has a six-star comfort rating.


Hypnos Baronet (Firm or Regular)

This firm mattress is more expensive. However, it comes with a 10-year warranty, 1,200 pocket springs, and standard or firm tension options, depending on your orthopaedic needs. The mattress depth is 22 centimetres, the width is 135 centimetres, and the length is 190 centimetres. It also receives an 8 for comfort. A five-year guarantee against material and workmanship flaws is also included.


Hypnos Duchess (Regular or Soft):

This is the type of mattress to use if you suffer from allergies. It is filled with silk, cashmere, and wool. The measurements are the same as the ones indicated previously. It included a whopping 1400 pocket springs, which were held in place by hand tufts (along with the fillings) for added comfort. The comfort grade is a nine out of ten. It also has a 10-year warranty, a damask cover that allows the mattress to breathe, a two-sided woven pattern, and a 10-year warranty (meaning the mattress can be turned and rotated frequently).


Hypnos Princess (Firm or Regular):

The Princess is well worth every penny. This mattress is exceptionally sumptuous, with 1600 pocket springs, cashmere, silk, and lamb wool fillings. With a comfort rating of 9, it includes three rows of hand stitching across the sides. Handles are attached to the border of the two-sided mattress to aid in turning and rotating it.


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