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Customised Sofa

Curtains N More understands that each person has a different perspective of viewing things and each person has his own creativity. While readymade things are acquiring the market, we provide customised products. The customised sofas are designed and crafted according to your need and creativity. Lavish fabrics and high quality materials are used in the customised sofas. Sofas are placed in our drawing room and areas where are hangout most of the times. These sofas are placed in drawing room so that they create the very first impression to you interior when someone visits your home. Our experts craft your sofa according to your interior and home decor needs. Your interior needs to be perfect and the furnishing products used defines the look and ambience of your interior. This customised sofas will add an extra point to your interior score. The best quality of customised product is that we can design it according to our needs and requirement. When you are searching for the best quality sofa's that too customised think about curtain n more.

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