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If you're looking for the best curtains shop in Bangalore, Curtains n More offers you the highest quality curtains in a wide range at the right price. Our customer’s google reviews and amazing customer service make us one of the top curtain store in Bangalore.

We are your one-stop-shop destination for all sorts of needs of exclusive curtains in Bangalore. In our curtain showroom, you can choose the various options for window curtains, curtains for bedroom, designer curtains, living room curtains, door curtains, customized curtains, blackout curtains, curtain fabrics, and blinds with high-quality printed fabric.

Curtains Showroom in Bangalore also provides customize Curtains Tailoring Service in Bangalore. In Curtains N More the curtains are available in lots of colors, patterns, and materials that provide an attractive look and add beauty to your space. We provide free visits and consultations to homes, corporate offices, bulk purchases, and commercial buildings for curtains in Bangalore.

We are the best Curtain Dealers in Bangalore and curtains in our showroom come with fun, flair, and the functionality of fabrics with color. Either you want to block the morning sun for late Sunday sleep-ins or you need a stylish yet simple way to separate a room.

Here you will discover the perfect curtains to fit your desires. Once you have found the dream curtains for your space make sure to choose the matching rods and rails for them. Check out our range of latest curtains in Bangalore with various options and an impressive catalog to choose from.

Curtains N More offers you a complete choice of curtains which include Sample Curtains, Curtain Catalog Book, Curtain Catalog Paper Book, Curtain Catalog Cotton Fabric Book, and Curtains Catalogue.

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Polyester is a common fabric used in curtains, it is sturdy, durable, and best of all affordable. This fabric is ideal for curtains in your living room or bedroom. These are available in various patterns, colours, and styles.



Silk curtains are heavier than curtains made from other materials and arrange well, offering a romantic look that’s ideal for bedrooms or formal dining rooms. Keep in mind that silk is dry clean only, which makes laundering these types of curtains more time consuming.



These drapes well, and are heavy; they offer a romantic and bold look, which is perfect for formal dining rooms and bedrooms.



Is a billowy fabric, and provides you with a tailored look. These are perfect for casual dining rooms, bedrooms that are airy, and contemporary living areas. The fabric alone does not block the sun, and they drapery well. These curtains are ideal for people who want to have natural light throughout the house.



Are best for keeping the cold out, and offer a polished and clean look. They can be used in a traditional living room and bedrooms; and even in the formal dining space.



Is a light fabric that allows the flow of both natural air and light. If you have a traditional styled home, lace curtains will go great in the dining room, or even over the French doors. They can easily be coordinated with any colour scheme.


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