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Home Blinds

Home is a private place where you feel comfortable living with your loved ones. Windows are the part of your home which are preferred to be open to let air circulation and ventilation. Home blinds are used to control the privacy, sunlight and dust that can enter your home.These blinds add an extra style statement to your interior and helps you keep warm during winter and cool during summer. Curtains N More firmly believes that your home is a fine piece of art and no other place can comfort you as your home does. These home blinds make sure the amount of light you want to let in according to your comfort. People who are night shift persons and sleep in day time can use home blinds to make room look totally dark letting you have a peaceful sleep whole day. Your movie experience will always be great with the help of home blinds, as it gives a total dark room theatre like atmosphere.. The home blinds have to be choosed according to the interior space, color and theme. Curtains n more has a wide range of stock when it comes to home blinds and we will make sure that you will get the perfect home blind for your interior.

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Blinds Designs

There are many types of window blind in the market today, so with so many options it is easy to get confused. So if you know the most famous ones, it will be easier to make a final decision.


Vertical Blind Shades

Thes window blinds are an alternative to the regular ones, but these are seamless. This means that there is no gap in them. These offer you with more light control compared to any other blinds.


Vertical Blinds

Are ideal for space over the patio doors, these blinds are curable, easy to clean, and offer you with great light control.


Roman Shades

Are a great way to match the decor of your room, these shades are made using cloth; and the fold as they move up, and get smooth when they are moved down.


Roller Shades

Also known as solar shaders offer a light dimming effect, and can help protect your home from dangerous UV rays. These roller shades come in two designs, one can move upwards and downwards; and the other move sideways.


Honeycomb Shades

Are made from a solid yet lightweight cloth like material, and when you look at them from a side they look reflect the shape of a diamond. These window blinds are available in various colours, to match the decor of your home. These shades are ideal for any bedroom, as they also act as room darkeners.


Exterior Shades

They help in blocking out heat, and can help reduce the temperature. These are ideal for large sized windows, porches, and any place they can be used without running the space.

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