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Peps Mattress

When we think about mattress the only name that comes to our mind is peps mattress. Peps has becomes one of the largest selling spring mattress in India. Peps has been engineering the science behind the sleeping comfort since last three decades. When we go with their brand story, We can see that their life goal is to make sleeping a comfort in india with the range of mattresses they offer. These mattresses are the finest quality fabrics and material where every mattress is engineered in a purpose to provide the most comfortable sleep when you use peps mattress. This dream project is fulfilled within a 11 acre state of art located in tamilnadu where they craft a comfortable sleep for every hardworking Indian and makes every person live a peps life. Such inspiring brands provide as the energy behind we becoming the one and only complete home decor outlet in bangalore. In Curtains N More we have always strived to provide you the best quality products and bound with every customer to provide a quality life.

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Types of Peps Mattress

Everyone has a different preference, which is why you need to choose the type of mattress you feel is best for you. This is not an easy decision, which is why you should know about the different types of mattresses, so it can help pick you the right one. The most popular types of mattresses are:

Types of Mattress

Spine Guard Mattress

A crafted design mattress that makes support on your body curves and joints. Spine guard mattress makes sure that you get up every morning with zero aches.

Types of Mattress

Spring Koil Mattress

The best selling mattress in our product segment. This spring koil mattress not only acts as a comfort to your back but also a comfort to your wallet.

Types of Mattress

Restonic Mattress

An international crafted design that is used by world class hotels. Restonic mattress are designed to insulate the noise and friction to give you a peaceful sleep.

Types of Mattress

Organica Mattress

A first ever mattress that is made with totally chemical free bio cotton and eco-latex made in Belgium. The organica mattress is anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

Types of Mattress

Crystal Mattress

A mattress that makes a luxury comfort with its ultra-lush antibacterial fabric. The Crystal mattress feels smooth on skin and is crafted in a way that it doesn’t affects your sleep with your partners movement.

Types of Mattress

Grand Palais Mattress

It comes with a thickness that will make you feel the grand luxury. A grand palais mattress comes with a belgian knitted lush fabric that feels ultra smooth on your skin with pocketed spring.

Types of Mattress

Vivah Mattress

Vivah is an indian edition of mattress to make sure the comfort of your new beginnings. The vivah mattress is crafted in way that your movement will never affect your partners sleep.

Types of Mattress

Double-decker Mattress

A 16 inches thick mattress that is made of a revolutionary foam that makes you feel cool in summer and hot in winter. The Double-decker mattress comes with a wooden platter beneath and a crafted upholstery.

Types of Mattress

Zenimo Mattress

The most stylish fabric mattress taht concentrates on confort.A zenimo mattress is India's first luxury denim mattress

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