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Curtains N More supplies a variety of mattress types to perfectly suit any preference. Repose Mattress redefines extravagance rest by giving a milder vibe to your shoulders and back each night. Our specific mattresses will do you a great deal of good – from gifting long periods of enchant to the sentiment with your accomplice to alleviating the weight on your joints and body as you rest.

Motivate the best mattress to purchase in India and blessing yourself a bed that is worked with advancement and very much examined innovation, all relating to the exploration of rest. Discover your approach to satisfaction and well-being with our quality sheet material that guarantees a decent night's rest each day.

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Types of repose mattress

Everyone has a different preference, which is why you need to choose the type of mattress you feel is best for you. This is not an easy decision, which is why you should know about the different types of mattresses, so it can help pick you the right one. The most popular types of Repose mattresses are:

Types of Springwel Mattress

Comfort Secret Mattresses

Repose presents Comfort Secret, an uber-luxurious spring mattress. Uniquely combining Natural Latex Foam and Memory Foam with a Dual Top construction, resulted in a mattress that provides extraordinary support and comfort beyond words.

Types of Springwel Mattress

Gel Infused Latex Foam Mattress

Keeping this in mind, Repose has introduced the new Healthy Spine spring mattress with Gel Infused Latex Foam. It is naturally cooler and the structure of latex provides superb support to your back.

Types of Springwel Mattress

Healthy Spine Memory Foam

The highlight of using memory foam is that it is highly sensitive to body heat and gently molds itself around the body contours to relieve pressure points and helps keep your spine in proper alignment.


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