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When the day is done, all you want to do is collapse into a nice bed. Cirrus mattress is developed with a combination of new generation raw materials to provide optimal comfort. The mattress's basic materials help to straighten your spine, which relieves stress and pressure. The pocket spring design provides support, while the memory foam conforms to the heat and pressure responses of the body. When you sleep on a Cirrus mattress, you can rest assured that you will get a good night's sleep. Please keep in mind that the images are merely for illustration purposes. Fabric colour may differ slightly from that shown in the photograph. Mattress weight, length/width, and thickness may vary somewhat

The Cirrus mattress has a quilted fabric cover for breathability and a traditional spring structure for outstanding support. Soft-to-the-touch comfort is provided by a breathable stretch-knit fabric. For all-season comfort, this foam top is made of wool-blend fibres. The three-zone spring system promotes body alignment while also providing focused support. The addition of extra layers relieves pressure and improves comfort. High-density foam conforms to the shape of your body. Mold and mildew are prevented by antibacterial qualities. To accommodate various comfort levels, firm, medium, and plush options are available. The mattress's edge is strengthened for added stability and a larger sleeping surface.

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Types of Cirrus mattress

Everyone has a different preference, which is why you need to choose the type of mattress you feel is best for you. This is not an easy decision, which is why you should know about the different Types of Cirrus Mattresses, so it can help pick you the right one. The most popular types of Cirrus mattresses are:

Types of Springwel Mattress

Celeb Mattress

Enriched with various benefits, this mattress has that all to be distinguished from others. The thick support layer of advanced CELEB eliminate pressure points and reduces tossing & turning during sleep.

Types of Springwel Mattress

Softech - PU Foam

The upper soft PU foam (polyurethane) layer and rubberized coir quilt provide additional comfort. A luxurious knitted fabric with chain stitch renders the final touch of sophistication.

Types of Springwel Mattress

Pillow Top with Soft Foam

The Springwel Premium Pillow-top Mattress has a special feature – the luxurious Pillow-top layer, which has been filled with anti-microbial treated polyester fiber. The high-density rubberized coir sheet in conjunction with the pocket-springs layer provides optimum support to the body.

Types of Springwel Mattress

PU Foam Delta

Springwel PU foam Delta Mattress are styled with plush premium fabric with finest quilting to give you excellent comfort and support. This mattress designed for maximum durability using OCS anti sagging technology.


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