Decide Which Carpet Suits For Your Room

Carpet transforms a space. It adds style and comfort to your house, instantly making it a home. But what might be a great choice for one room isn’t always true across the hallway. To help you decide which spaces are best suited to carpet, we’ve put together a very simple guide.


Soft, plush and warm underfoot, carpet is a great choice in the bedroom. Unlike busy parts of the home, low-traffic bedrooms give you license to indulge in luxurious styles such as plush, velvety piles and oversized loop-pile carpets.Carpet will help make your bedroom a sanctuary by also insulating against unwanted ambient noises. For upstairs bedrooms, it’s worth remembering that the thicker the carpet the less sound that will be transmitted from downstairs, into the serenity of your bedroom.

Living Room

Since your living room gets a lot of foot-traffic, carpet should be durable and able to keep up with busy family life.  Spills also tend to happen, so an easy to clean fibre that requires minimal maintenance, like PET, is a great option.  As for colour, it goes without saying this selection is very subjective and will depend on your décor style.But, it’s also worth considering the natural light exposure of the space and possibly even the colour of your pets’ hair – a carpet that doesn’t show pet hair can be a real advantage.


Go for something soft underfoot so your kids can sit, lay and play. Look for an easy-to-clean fibre like polypropylene or nylon. A twist style also works best, as the slight texture is great at hiding footprints or some soiling while still feeling super soft for little tootsies!

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