What Are The Right Window Treatments To Save Energy

Going Green and increasing energy efficiency are the hottest topics of discussion in every part of society. Everyone is looking for solutions that are feasible, easy to use, safe for the environment, and that help save energy. Implementing such solutions for your home can be intimidating at first, but if you’re up for it and willing to take one step at a time, it gets very easy to make a big difference for the environment as well as your wallet!

Stop Your Money From Flowing Out of the Window

Choosing energy saving window coverings can be taken as a first step while considering the energy efficiency for your home. When left bare, windows can account for 10%-35% of your energy bills while using appliances for cooling and heating. If you’re looking for a greener and more financially calculated living, then choosing the right window treatments should be your first step. Per square foot, the windows in your home tend to lose more heat during the winter and gain more heat during summer than any other surface in your house. By choosing the energy efficient blinds and shades, you can make windows more efficient and reduce the heat loss and heat gain in winters and summers respectively, a considerable amount of energy and money can be saved over time.

When it comes to windows, many high-end options are available in the market to help you save energy. The double or triple pane glass for windows consists of inert gases between the layers to slow down the heat transfer through the window because they are poor thermal conductors. More advanced window glasses also features Low-E coating. This special coating reduces the heat transfer from the panes of the window glass and reflects the infrared and damaging ultraviolet radiations.

Another important factor that plays a crucial role in energy efficiency for your home is the window frame. The frame represents around 25% of the window area, therefore it is a good move to choose window frame wisely.

  • The insulated cavities present in the vinyl frames are a proven energy efficiency booster.
  • Window frames made of fiberglass are expensive but they possess higher heat resistance than wood or vinyl frames.
  • Wood frames are naturally efficient in saving energy but they demand more maintenance.

Although high-quality windows are very efficient in saving energy, even the best windows can have a tough time doing everything on their own. Therefore, it is better to consider improving the efficiency of current windows by installing the energy saving window coverings and save money. Some window coverings have unique energy-saving features that can help you cut down your energy bills instead of spending thousands in buying new windows.

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