Why Wood Flooring is more popular

With many homeowners searching for alternatives to carpeting and vinyl flooring, wood flooring is winning in popularity. From an ease of cleaning to a wide variety of decorating and design choices, wood flooring is making a comeback.

Consumers, architects, contractors and home decorators are being bestowed an incredible array of flooring choices. Carpet, solid wood, engineered wood, laminates, vinyl and ceramic tile and stone make up most of the flooring in use today.

While carpeting can add warmth and comfort to a living space, maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of wall to wall carpet can be difficult over time. Uneven wear patterns, the accumulation of dirt and breakdown of padding materials can make your carpeting look old before its time. Concerned about the potential for increased indoor air pollution, many folks are taking a green approach to their living spaces, choosing carpet fabrics that emit fewer volatile organic compounds or VOCs and have a higher content of recycled fabric materials.

Carpeting needs to be replaced periodically, and old carpeting often ends up in the landfill, not to mention the cost of replacement. Many carpet manufacturers are developing products that address these concerns with carpet that wears longer, emits fewer VOCs and is more recyclable.

For many homeowners, the home improvement bug has taken hold with weekends, once reserved for leisure time activities being used to feather the nest. The growth of big box home improvement centers is partly responsible for fueling the do it you craze. This boom in the home improvement market has not escaped the notice of flooring manufacturers; especially when it comes to solid wood and engineered wood flooring products.

The process of having wood flooring installed very often involves hiring a flooring installation professional. Today, many wood flooring systems can be installed by the homeowner with some laminate flooring systems that snap together and, unlike many solid wood flooring products, float on the an atop a layer of foam padding. Laminate flooring, while not made of wood can give a similar appearance to hardwood flooring. Most home flooring is nailed in place while engineered wood systems are installed using less volatile latex based adhesives. Offered in a variety of finish colors, many wood flooring products come pre-finished eliminating the need to sand and to apply a stain and varnish.

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